Thursday, June 4, 2009

Session Four. The Big One.

Interdependence.  Our Little Big Planet sessions came to an end, which means that learning about biomes and ecosystems is next.

The approach for the unit is to teach the students principles of interdependence through LBP and bridge that knowledge over to biomes and ecosystems.

The students have been assigned a project to pick a biome and become an expert on it.  As they gather information about their biomes, they begin to use their understanding of interdependence to see how the ecosystems within their biomes function.

Their task was to find out the details of their biomes, including weather, location, plants, animals, food webs, energy pyramids, symbiotic relationships, and niches.

Once they have created their presentations describing their biomes and ecosystems, they now need to think about how they can put the connection between their ecosystem and LBP together.